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Thongs in Modern Culture

The thong has been a subject of controversy for years. When they first started making their way onto the fashion scene, some people were outraged at just how little there was to them. Others loved the way they looked, how they made them feel and how they made them look in their clothing. Whether you love them or hate them, the sexy thong is here to stay, as can be evidenced in modern culture.

Erotic thongs are popular among lovers. Something about the thong itself is innately erotic. Perhaps it’s that it leaves the butt cheeks bare and offers a barely-there coverage that teases and entices your partner. When Victoria’s Secret and other lingerie designers release new panties for the year, you can bet that there are always plenty of thongs included in the lineup.

Thongs are considered so visually appealing that they are used in ads for products that have absolutely nothing to do with thongs. For instance, beer commercials and promos for famous music artists like rappers oftentimes feature ladies bedecked in thongs. One rapper even went so far as to write a song about the skimpy panty. Sisqo’s “Thong Song” was one of the hits of 1999 and remains a fan favorite among music listeners of the genre.

The fashion industry keeps coming up with new ways to reinvent the thong too. Since its inception as a triangular patch that covered the front with strings connecting it to the back in the classic G-string style, the thong has also be reinvented in a V-string and C-string style. The C-string is the smallest in that it has no strings running along the sides to connect the front to the back. Instead, it features a bendable wire that holds it in place along the rear. There is also the cheeky style of thong.