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Spicy Lingerie Through the Ages

When we think of spicy lingerie, we think of lingerie that is “hot” or “sexy.” We might call to mind a filmy babydoll or a pair of red see-through thongs. However, what constitutes as spicy lingerie obsessive.com is highly subjective to the times. Lingerie has been around for centuries, but what constituted as “spicy” or “sexy” has changed throughout the ages.


Back in the 1700s, stays, also known as whalebone corsets, were considered very spicy. These were the types of corsets that had strings on the back that a maid would lace up very tightly to show off the female figure. These types of corsets often featured lace, ribbons and other frill to further add to their appeal.


In the 1800s, the corset was still leading the forefront in the spicy department. However, it was no longer the whalebone corset that was popular; it was the S-cure corset. This type of corset pushes the breasts upward and forward to really show off the d├ęcolletage. It arched the back and accentuated the hips also to create a sexier female profile.


Believe it or not, closed-crotched drawers were considered the sexy thing back in the 1910s. Whereas nowadays we consider open-crotch panties to be a spicy thing because they represent sexual availability, closed-crotch panties were all the rage back in the early 1900s. Part of the reason for this was because they were different. In previous years like the Victorian era, women wore open crotch undergarments but not because of sexual availability. Rather, they wore them for practicality since it aided in going to the restroom in huge dresses and whatnot. Closed-crotches were previously only allowed to men.

Then and Now

Some lingerie that was considered spicy then is still considered spicy now. For instance, sheer dressing gowns were common among brides of the Upper Crust who could afford them. They are still considered sexy now too.