Some Dance Guidelines for Amateur Strippers in Central Coast

Stripping involves a lot of dancing to the point that you can separate one from the other. If you are an amateur stripper looking to become one of the top strippers Central Coast features, then a girl! You have a lot to learn. It is not an impossibility if you can dedicate your time and energy to the guidelines this article will be discussing.

There are three basic tips if you want to be a top stripper at any strip club. You should:

  • Learn dance moves and find easy way to stand out from your co-strippers
  • Decide your outfit for each night you’ll be dancing 
  • Find the music that suits your dance style and be fluid with it.

If you can follow the steps above with willingness and determination, you’ll not only be on your to becoming one of the amazing strippers Central Coast features, you may also make wads of cash on your first night.

Without further ado, let’s expatiate on the three basic steps above so you’ll understand in detail, what they entail. We’ll be starting with:


If you ever have the freedom to choose any song to dance to at a club, don’t hesitate to do it. This will help you feel more comfortable as it’ll be a song you’re fluid with. You can start by choosing two songs, a fast song and a slow song. Practice both very well before your performance. Thanks to this, as soon as you enter the club, you’ll be able to tell which of the songs suits the atmosphere and perform it.

However, the first thing to do is find out if you can freely choose a song or if there is a playlist you’ll have to make do with. Whether or not that’s the case, follow these simple hacks below to make you stand out with any song.

Slowly take your clothes off

Becoming one of the top strippers Central Coast features mean you’ll have understand key things that’ll help you stand out. You may be an amateur stripper and nobody notices that you are. Never take off everything at once. Understand that it should be an erotic, sensual and mysterious dance. 

Slowly take off a piece of clothing every 30-60 seconds making sure you’re in line with the music. Just feel it and try to be fluid with it. While doing this, you have to be confident. Ensure you are making eye contact with your clients. For instance, you can act as if you are taking your bra off by pulling down a strap sexily and putting it back up. Don’t forget you’ll still be making eye contact. You can also try gently pulling down your panties just a little bit and pulling it back up, then wink! Do these things following the song and you’ll own the crowd!

Seductively move around the stage

You don’t have to have practiced the song to actually move with it. Be smart! Touch your body while walking with slow light steps. Feel the song and enjoy yourself. You can writhe around the stage and seductively touch your hips and thighs. Using your fingers, move your hair from one side to the other. Just ensure that you’re in tune with the music.

Sensually bend over, slowly touch your toes, and then stand up the same way

Do these moves backing your audience. It might seem simple but it’s an amazing way to hold attention and also highlight your strengths. Becoming one of the strippers Central Coast features means you have to be smart even as an amateur. Don’t forget you have to bend slowly. It has to be in tune with the music. Then, touch your calves or toes slowly. While working your way up, throw head backward.

If you have long hair, pull it back once in a while during your performance. It is totally sexy!



This is a very strong aspect of performing as a stripper. Your outfit plays a major role and it’s quite a shame a lot of people don’t realize this. Some hacks for choosing an amazing outfit are:

Pick something white, pink, or red if the club has UV

This is in a bid to draw the attention of clients and this could help you stand out from prospective competitors. You can try wearing pink panties and a bra that is covered in a tight white or red dress. If you lack styling ideas, you can learn a great deal from YouTube. 

Ensure that you can easily take off whatever you’re wearing 

Don’t forget all eyes will be fixed on you. If you have trouble taking off any piece of clothing, they’ll notice. So, before picking an outfit no matter how pretty, be certain that you can easily remove it. Instead of clothes with buttons and zippers, choose those with Velcro fasteners or press-studs. This can save you some serious embarrassment.

Don’t wear shoes you’re not confident in

As an amateur stripper looking to become one of the strippers Central Coast features, you should know that shoes should be carefully selected. You certainly don’t want to fall during your performance. Pick for yourself a pair of shoes that you feel sexy and confident in. For starters, specifically, look for shoes with non-slip soles. They’ll do you a lot of good. You can also try getting a pair of pleaser shoes. They are perfect for pole dancing.



To be the best, you have to put in the work. Constantly practice dance styles, visit strip clubs and learn what you can from talented strippers. Fix up a pole in your home and practice; know how to work your hips, exercise often to stretch your muscles. Do everything you can to be the best in the game. Just try as much as possible to enjoy yourself. This would make it very easy for you to learn all you have to. When you’ve learned how to dance to a large extent, combine all the moves you know to create a nice layout. This way you’ll know the best dance steps for short songs, slow songs, and fast songs. It’s all about practicing. To stand out, you can:

Choose a nickname that’ll be tagged in the minds of clients

Do your best to avoid names that are popular. Stick to something simple and unique. It doesn’t have to be your real name. Just something simple that people won’t easily forget.

Smile while you dance

This will help your audience to know you’re actually enjoying what you’re doing. It is even a good attention-grabbing technique.

End your performance with a great move

Your last move has to be powerful. It will help you stay fresh in the minds of clients so, make it mind-blowing. It could be a split or a flip.


As the popular saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. To be an incredible stripper, you’ll have to go the extra mile to learn things that prospective competitors wouldn’t. Pay attention to the above guidelines and be on your way to becoming one of the amazing strippers Central Coast features.